Date: February 7, 2011

Author: mikelee


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Four Years, A Ton of Pork Belly, A New Website

It’s been four years since Studiofeast began as a small, casual collection of friends, in my apartment, with a suckling pig being carved on the dresser. Since that first party, we have had countless laughs and challenges while enjoying the privilege of putting on really fun events for an ever growing cast of truly amazing people.

As a creative outlet and a social experiment, there has been little else in my life that’s been able to match this little project. It’s evolved quite a bit since 2007 though, and I’m happy to report that the ideas and opportunities are still coming on strong. There is much more to come from us, and this new site will allow us to better share and interact with you going forward.

So welcome to our new website. Yes, things are a little bare bones for now while I re-upload 4 years of media, but I hope you like the new structure and are excited as I am at the prospect of what’ll fill these pages next.

I want to also say thanks to everyone who’s supported us over the years in doing whatever it is we’ve been doing. Whether you came to dine or helped out at an event, invited us to cook for/with you, wrote a blog post about us, or simply told a friend about what we do…Thank You so much! You are the shit, and I hope to high five you one day soon.

Until then, keep in touch by…
- Snagging a ticket to our Next Feast, a collaboration with the Noble Rot on Feb 13th.
- Submitting your name to the invite list
- Following @Studiofeast on Twitter
- Checking out our new and improved Flickr Page
- Adding our RSS feed to your favorite reader