Here’s the menu:

  • Foie PBJ: Challah, Foie Pate, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Tempura fried
  • Gargouilliou: Assorted winter vegetables, Squash puree, Apples
  • Lobster Shells: Pasta shells with lobster, peas, and cream
  • Chicken & Egg: Medium rare, sous vide chicken w/scrambled egg, carrot, and leek
  • Ochazuke: Dashi, tea, rice, pickles
  • Lamb Rib: Roasted lamb rib, panzanella, red wine sauce
  • Bacon Churro: Bacon stuffed churro, Horchata Ice cream, chocolate ganache

But wait, there’s more. By now we had put a lot of effort into parsing this data and the payoff was that the mailing list started to come alive. We wanted to share this in a lightweight way with our diners without having to launch into a 30 minute diatribe before or during service. Nothing kills an appetite like a speech, so our very own Soomin Baik created an infographic:


Last Meal Infographic, by Soomin Baik. Click to Enlarge.

Soomin’s a very talented designer with an attention to detail that’s awe-inspiring (here’s her Last Meal expense report submission). This fastidiousness transfers into her mise en place and churro making, and we’re all better in the end for that. Did you see how she fit all those meal examples onto that page? Mad skills!

And so with a menu and a story, we closed out a remarkable year on December 18, 2010 with the Last Meal. 30 guests and 7 crew at the Beaver Studio in Lower Manhattan, a wonderfully spacious photo studio with a well appointed kitchen and friendly owners.

It took us 4 years to get to that list of 1,258 meals, and we’d love to get another 1,258 very soon. We had a great time putting this event together and I think it’ll become a Studiofeast annual tradition, with each year’s meal being built from only that year’s new submissions.

So what’s your last meal?