While you may or may not have heard one piece of the story about this event from the media sources above, I wanted to share with you a video from the Studiofeast vantage point. This event was a large undertaking, with A Razor, A Shiny Knife spearheading the overall concept execution and various groups such as ourselves and The Cheeky Chef dividing and conquering the courses.

Team Studiofeast was responsible for the main course, which arrived on the train at the Morgan stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We had our 5 person food crew along with our photographer David Christiansen (his photos are at the end of this post), and I wore a Contour HD camera mounted to a sweatband on my head. Above is the 18min feed from that video camera where you can follow along with our team from the staging apartment, to platform plating, to service on the L Train. It’s a long video for sure, but I wanted to share with you this unique viewpoint on what it was like to execute this event. Hope you enjoy.

Photos from David Christiansen, of Pop Up Studio: