Date: August 30, 2011

Author: mikelee


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Here in NYC life is pretty much back to normal post-Irene. Walking the streets of Manhattan, it’s hard to tell that the entire city was on lockdown for the better part of last weekend. To quell the boredom, I prompted people on Twitter to tweet me their Hurricane Irene disaster prep food items, to which I responded with totally killer recipes that will win Studiofeast a James Beard Award.

A recap of our Twitter antics is below. Take a look, have a laugh, and if you enjoyed them, please consider for a moment to donate to the Red Cross to help with the recovery effort in places that were way less lucky than NYC.

Again, Irene sure wasn’t the haymaker we all thought it would be to us NYC-ers, but don’t forget about those in places like Vermont, North Carolina, and Upstate New York where they experienced catastrophic flooding and even fatalities. Let’s all be grateful that we could sit back with a drink and some food while watching the rain out the window, but throw a little love out to those who couldn’t.

Here’s that link to the Red Cross again.