We recently kicked off a series of dinners we’re simply calling, “Studiofeast Sunday,” which will seat no more than 12 guests and serve anywhere from 3-6 courses. While things like the L Train Lunch or the Doppelganger Dinner were larger, more bombastic concepts on a spectacular scale, the Studiofeast Sunday series aims to be smaller and more unassumingly awesome. If Doppelganger is the Per Se, then Studiofeast Sunday is the Ad Hoc.

Rest assured, we’ll still be doing the more extravagant dinners, but these smaller dinners will be a way to connect on a much closer level with you on a more frequent basis. We look forward to forming much closer bonds with all of you at these dinners. We look forward to telling more ridiculous stories at these dinners. We look forward to balancing tried and true favorites on the menu with more experimental things that we honestly have no idea about. For what we subtract from size and scale, we will add back with intimacy and camaraderie.

Below are photos, a video, and the menu from our first Studiofeast Sunday, on December 4th 2011. A great time was had by all and the night ensued with wonderful cocktails from Brian Quinn, a primer on how to make Sichuan peppercorn hot sauce & vodka, the serendipitous NASA Space Camp connection between our guests, and big fun with warm brie through a nitrous whipper.

Studiofeast Sunday #1 Menu

  • Raw: scallop + foie + oyster + tarragon
  • Salad: broccoli + shallot + sichuan + pork floss
  • Soup: cauliflower + apple + salsify + chive
  • Main I: rib cap + asparagus + mushroom
  • Main II: ribeye + scallion + kimchi + tteok
  • Dessert: brie + honey + lavender + cranberry

We hope to cook for you soon.

Photos by Jamie Moy & Brian Quinn