Date: December 7, 2012

Author: mikelee



Last Meal 2012: The B-Sides

Last Meal 2012


December 16th: 6:00 & 9:00p
7 Courses / Wine Pairings / $125

For the past 5 years we’ve collected thousands of responses to the question, “you’re about to die, what’s your last meal?” And for the past 2 years, we’ve created a dinner based on each year’s most popular items. This year, as per tradition, we are doing it again.

But now, we’re going after the most delicious rarities from our database. The dishes that evoke a hyper specific time, place, tradition, or odd fetish.


This year’s Studiofeast Last Meal is not about the popular vote, it’s about the hidden gem. The B-Sides of the Last Meal collection. We will feature our seven favorites from our member response database, not for their popularity, but for their potential to reach the sublime in a special way:

You’re About to Die, What’s Your Last Meal?”

Hainanese Chicken Rice
“My mom’s Hainanese chicken rice”

Peruvian Ceviche
A traditional Peruvian meal – pargo or corvina ceviche…”

Lebanese Kibbeh
“Freshly made kibbeh, in the mountains outside Beirut”

New Mexican Tamale
“Well I’d wanna feel comfortable going into the afterlife so it
would have to be pork tamales from the Gallup, NM flea market”

Marco Pierre White’s Harvey’s 1988
“Dinner at Harvey’s 1988″

Alsacien Choucroute Royale

Port & Peanut Butter
“they don’t go well together….but wine and peanut butter!”
[actually, they're pretty fu*king tasty together]

And to go even deeper on our “B-Sides” theme, we will pair each course with a wine from a non-major wine producing country. Forget France. Nevermind Italy. We’re taking you on a ride to discover new, outrageous tastes from places Georgia, the Canary Islands, Lebanon, and Bulgaria.

We hope you’ll join us to close out our 2012 with a bang.


Apologies, but we cannot accommodate any substitutions or vegetarian options.