Date: June 1, 2013

Author: mikelee


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Sichuan Seafood Boil


June 8th: 8:00pm
Brooklyn, NY

Sichuan Seafood Boil

Studiofeast is back with a new home base and we’re kicking off the summer with a Sichuan Seafood Boil. Take everything you know and love about the traditional American crab and crawfish boil, and spike it with the spicy, tingly numbing awesomeness of Sichuan food.

We’ve even swapped out the Old Bay with our very own Old Chinaman blend of spices. If getting down and dirty with a mallet and eating off of newspaper is your thing, then don’t miss this dinner.

This event also has the honor of being featured on a new food show called the Illegal Eater, hosted by former Barenaked Ladies frontman, Steven Page (yes, that Barenaked Ladies band). Steven will be along for the ride as will his camera crew, so get ready for to be seen on TV while you’re tearing a crab in half.

To Reserve

To whet your appetite, here’s the menu:

* Ma La Maryland Blue Crabs
* Spicy Tingly Louisiana Crawfish
* Deep Fried Duck Crab
* Crispy Kung Pao Potato
* Miso Buttered Corn
* Sichuan Chocolate Pecan Pie
* Wine & Beer

We hope you’ll join us to kick off the summer properly, with crab mallet and moonshine in hand.